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Our Investment Thesis:

Neventa’s investment in HappyFresh results from the company’s strong position in a rapidly growing market and the effects of strong operational partnerships the company has formed. The management at HappyFresh has notable experience across technology and delivery services. 


HappyFresh’s platform has created an intuitive solution to an emerging consumer industry in Southeast Asia. The platform and business model have proven their functionality and viability under high-volume operations and are well-received by consumers.


Bolstering this experience, HappyFresh has partnered with some of the largest players in the delivery and grocery industries in Southeast Asia, giving them high capacity to scale their business. Some notable partnerships that allow HappyFresh to invigorate their infrastructure and service include Grab, a leading ridesharing and delivery service application, and Line, a popular free-use messaging and communication platform. The rapid growth in population and consumer demand in Southeast Asia, as well as the young, tech-savvy demographic of the region, has allowed HappyFresh to grow their business by several factors over the past few years. The business model, partnerships, and management experience at HappyFresh act as a catalyst for the continuation of their growth in order volume and market share in the coming years.

About HappyFresh:

"HappyFresh is a leading grocery delivery service that allows you to shop from your favourite supermarkets and specialty shops via our Android and iOS applications, as well as our web store. Save your time and let us do the grocery shopping for you instead of getting stuck in traffic or a long queue when you go to the supermarket. Our professionally trained personal shoppers take care of that for you. They pick the best quality items which are then delivered at a convenient time, so that you can spend your time doing the things that matter most. From our HQ in Jakarta, we are saving people time in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines."

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