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About SharesPost:

"SharesPost envisioned and built the first private equity marketplace in 2009. Since then our global team has grown to hundreds of experienced brokers, legal experts, financial analysts, and researchers. We’re passionate about increasing your access to data-based research and new private equity opportunities"

Our Investment Thesis:

Neventa’s investment in SharesPost reflects our belief in their management team and growth potential. SharesPost’s management is comprised of several highly experienced entrepreneurs, including a founder who has taken two companies from Seed to IPO, that have strong synergies with each other, as well as large networks in private markets. 


SharesPost maintains a highly stable market position as a leader in private securities marketplaces. The technology SharesPost’s platform leverages is thoroughly developed and intuitively functional, facilitating a seamless user experience.


Furthermore, SharesPost has a wide moat, large growth potential (via entries to international markets and further penetration in American markets) and a particularly scalable business model. The combination of these factors, as well as the network and value Neventa can contribute, qualifies SharesPost as a highly attractive investment.

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